Congratulations to the swimmers who swam in the final round of the Millennium League at Eltham. There were an impressive 20 PB’s out of the 32 individual events. Once again our relay teams were strong with 5 victories, 4 second places, 1 third place and an unfortunate ‘Time Fault’ in the Open Boys Medley relay.

Notable PB’s for Evan Almond who took almost 4 seconds off his 50 metre Backstroke, Serena Odiah who took 4.5 seconds off her 50m Butterfly time and 5 seconds off her 25m Butterfly time, Iyla Cox who reduced her 50m Backstroke time by 3 seconds, Aleksandr Soloshenko who took almost 5 seconds off his 50m Butterfly time, Maria Feniov who reduced her 50m Breaststroke time by almost 8 seconds and finally Leo Bouton who reduced his 50m Freestyle time by just over 2 seconds.

We entered the last round knowing we needed to beat Eltham Stingrays by one league point and at least four gala points to retain the league trophy. Unfortunately, but not too disappointingly, we were victims of our own swimming achievements and our eight ‘Time Faults’ proved costly and we finished the night in second place and in the league second overall. As Team Manager, I am never disappointed about ‘Time Faults’ only disqualifications, which I am pleased to say we had none.

Finally, a huge thank you to Hazel, Steven, Liberty, Gemma Pallen, Jenna McMullen, Sophie Pembroke, Steve Pye, Lucy Jeffrey, Patti Thompson, Rachel Aram, Charlotte Corrigan, Victoria Learmouth, Steve Anscomb, Jolene Callieu and Marc Petter for helping Dartford host this event. Without all of you, this gala would not have been able to happen as very little judging support came from the other clubs.

Individual results are posted on the DDSC Face Book page.

Full Team results below.

Round 4
CLUB Gala Points League Points
1 Eltham 182 6
2 Dartford District 175 5
3 Tonbridge 168 4
3 Gravesend and Northfleet 152 3
5 Beachfield / Sittingbourne 137 2
6 Larkfield DNC 0

CLUB Gala Points League Points
1 Eltham 738 22.5
2 Dartford District 727 20.5
3 Tonbridge 651 16.5
4 Gravesend & Northfleet 530 10.5
5 Larkfield 418 7.5
6 Beachfield / Sittingbourne 467 5

Thanks, Nick