Experienced Coach Needed


Dear Members,

You will be aware that we’re currently in the process of arranging club champs,

 we’re also arranging time trials for our younger swimmers so that they can get times to enter into opens and club champs.

We cannot run these as licensed events with Swim England times without officials.

We are calling on parents and older swimmers to please come forward and help the club.

The online course takes a couple of hours, then you can get your first practical experience at the Maidstone open at the end of June.

A minimum of 20 hours poolside experience is needed to be signed off as an official and we will help you along the way.

The club will reimburse you for the cost of the course.

Follow the link below to sign up and please let officials@ddsc.org and membership@ddsc.org know so we can make you a member.

Kind regards

DDSC Committee


Swimming Technical Officials – Judge 1 Theory