DDSC Vacancies


This role is one of the committees busier roles but a very rewarding one, it involves liaising with the coaches, sorting out the gala calendar for the year, setting up Cognito forms, the use of hy-tek, being able to enter the gala at opening times, and so much more. Full training will be given and you will shadow the current opens secretary until you are completely comfortable and ready to go it alone.


We already have a great Welfare Officer who will be supporting this role, you will work together to share ideas, share the work load. This role includes updating policies, dealing with complaints in a timely manner, keeping everyone safe, DBS checks.


Swim Mark is our accreditation which generally needs doing once a year, keeping the insurance up-to-date, adhering to the Swimming rules, this is a small role on the committee and does not have a voting right, but also a very important role.


Promotion of all club members achievements, notifying of important dates, communicating urgent posts in accordance with wave power. Updating the website including events, achievements, notices etc. Updating Club Records on the website no less than annually. Updating Facebook and Instagram.


To support and assist the trophy secretary. To apply for grants that will benefit the club. To arrange team-building activities including but not limited to summer BBQ’s and away days.

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