Well done to the whole KJL team who showed true competitive spirit against very tough competition. In the individual events, we managed 23 PB’s out of a total 32 swims, which is amazing and reflects your hard work in training. We also had no disqualifications, particularly impressive as we were in the outside lane closest to the referees. Some notable improvements came from our 13 year olds. Olivia White achieved a 7 second PB in her first event, the 200m I.M, and then knocked an impressive 10 seconds off her 100m Butterfly.  Aaryan Bisht achieved two PB’s, knocking 3 seconds off his 100m Freestyle and a second off his 100m Backstroke and finally Jessica Bathurst took 11 seconds off her 100m Backstroke. However, the swim of the evening for me, was from Mikhail Krot, who knocked almost 13 seconds off his 100m Butterfly time. Congratulations also to Georgia Collings who was our only individual winner, coming first in the 10/u 50m Freestyle in a new PB, and Rocco Pallen, who had been ill all the previous week, but bagged considerable points for the team coming second in both of his individual events.

Special mention goes to our relay teams. The relays are as important as the individual swims for accumulating points for the team, so I massively appreciate swimmers coming along to take part in these ‘A’ galas. Congratulations to our relay team winners, firstly the 10/u girls Freestyle team of Georgia, Ellie, Caitlin and particularly Serena, who swimming in her first gala for DDSC, caught both Bromley and Erith teams on the final length. Secondly, the 11/u boys Medley team of Nathan, Kayden, Mikhail and particularly Sam who pushed all the way on the final length to hold off the swimmer from Saxon Crown. It was also pleasing to see both our 10/u relay teams finishing in the top 3 showing our rebuilding of the club after the pandemic is working.

Do I dare mention goggles, and the need to ensure they are on tight enough? That being said well done to Nathan and Danielle who both completed their 50m relay swims without stopping. Nathan swam both lengths with his goggles under his nose, hampering his breathing, and Danielle was like a ball in a pinball machine, bouncing of either lane rope with one goggle in her eyeball and the other on her cheek.

Finally, huge thanks to Amy, Gemma and Jenna who looked after the children poolside, Jo and Lucy who officiated for the club, the swimmers themselves for their team spirit and excellent behaviour and the parents who came to support and cheer on the team.

Individual results can be found on the DDSC Facebook page.


1BROMLEY320 points
2SAXON CROWN237 points
3BLACK LION224 points
4ERITH & DISTRICT194.5 points

The second round is on Saturday 24th June 2023, venue to be confirmed.


KJL Team Manager